EQEmulator HAS RUN IT'S COURSE (it's a dead project)

Everquest Emulator Project

The EQEmulator project, although it started years ago, never really got too far. A group of amateurs started out in 2001, simply cloning the Sony Everquest live servers so they could have a free game of Everquest to play. They began collecting data from the live servers, but even after 21 years, they have only manifested the first 9 expansions and even then, they are all incomplete. Their player base never really grew and many who have contributed, came and went. Many of the in-game mechanics are broken, all over the board and nobody to fix them, after 21 years.

They've had their problems amongst themselves, including bias and corruption from some of the admins and amateur coders. Suspicious behavior through DLL injection being was distributed through client patch files and picked up by antivirus apps. The distibution of the game client software had no choice, since it was illegal, to keep the download links out of the spotlight.

The EQEmulator project, even though they still struggle to exist, never really got off the ground. They've never had any professional coders, just a bunch of amateur hobbyists, coming and going over the years. with little interest in contributing to a lost cause.

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